Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Antarctica Continent 7

For this blog post I wanted to post a title sequence that shoes the beauty of nature and science. The video features great shots of Antarctica's frozen surface and then provides geometric parallels that compliment the strange forms of the surface. The reason this caught my attention is because I think its important to see how much simplicity and good footage leaves a good impact. The design is mostly just edited video but that the motions and transitions in between different surfaces is well done. Antarctica Continent 7

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mad Men Title Sequence

This week I came across an interesting title sequence for the show Mad Men. The title sequence is intriguing and features a man falling from a building. The whole sequence just leaves you wondering why the man was falling and what was the outcome which leads you to become interested in the show. I think the design and illustrations are well done and the fact that they used a silhouette helps the falling man stand out as interesting even more. Mad Men. I also found this website that features pretty awesome animations and you should check it out! Its called Imaginary Forces.

Evolution of a Water Gun

This is a pretty simple animation that I found interesting on Motionspire. The animation is simple quick and seems like it wouldn't be too hard to animate. I see myself doing a project like this in the future. The transformations on the gun don't seem too hard but then again they probably are for somebody who is new to after effects and working with animation. If you want to check out the other animations by Pier Polo, click here.