Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nike Hyperdunk

This animation for Nike Hyperdunk that I found on Motionspire is similar to one of the animations I posted before. It starts off with nothing and evolves into the final product, a basketball shoe. This not only is an interesting animation but it also gives the consumer a glimpse of what it takes to design this shoe and the thinking that goes behind it.


For this blog post I wanted to post about an interesting animation transition from completely different settings. The design is for a weather channel and it features a drastic change in scenes. The design scenes relating to rain, wind, sun, and snow and shows a short animation for each forecast. I think the quick movement from left to right between the forecasts works well to change the settings. I also think that the typographic movement works well.


TEDx Phoenix

This motion design for TEDx Phoenix is so so satisfying. The combination of music along with the gentle movement of the lines moving from word to word is calm and makes you want to keep watching it over and over. The design is simple, but I think the simplicity along with typography, music and the starry background is what makes it work perfectly.

Vimeo Festival Awards

For this blog post I found a sweet motion design on Motionspire. The design features mostly type and ways of transitioning it by adding to be what look likes like stage lights. I think the design is perfect it uses a color palette that makes it feel energetic and exciting.

Adidas - Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four 2017

Another interesting animation that I found that is also for a big name brand is a motion design for Turkish Airlines Final Four. The design uses real live footage and then stacks interesting animations on the video. The result is an interesting composition that is very unique and dynamic.



Nike Kiss My Airs

In this blog post I wanted to post about an animation I found on Behance for Air-Max Day 17'. The design is very very busy and looks like it took months to make. It uses many different colors and transitions. The way they play with type, the animation, and the speed sometimes makes it seem like the design says kiss my a** instead of kiss my airs. This is the type of design that you expect from Nike where you don't know what to expect but it always satisfies.

Snake Alphabet

For this weeks blog post I want to share an after effects template that I found cool on Behance. This template works for every letter and number to help you create an intro or simply an easier and faster way to create and an animation. I found the design to be very dynamic and interesting. I think it would be neat to see a title sequence with this type of animation. Here is a link to the site - Snake Alphabet.


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Antarctica Continent 7

For this blog post I wanted to post a title sequence that shoes the beauty of nature and science. The video features great shots of Antarctica's frozen surface and then provides geometric parallels that compliment the strange forms of the surface. The reason this caught my attention is because I think its important to see how much simplicity and good footage leaves a good impact. The design is mostly just edited video but that the motions and transitions in between different surfaces is well done. Antarctica Continent 7

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Mad Men Title Sequence

This week I came across an interesting title sequence for the show Mad Men. The title sequence is intriguing and features a man falling from a building. The whole sequence just leaves you wondering why the man was falling and what was the outcome which leads you to become interested in the show. I think the design and illustrations are well done and the fact that they used a silhouette helps the falling man stand out as interesting even more. Mad Men. I also found this website that features pretty awesome animations and you should check it out! Its called Imaginary Forces.

Evolution of a Water Gun

This is a pretty simple animation that I found interesting on Motionspire. The animation is simple quick and seems like it wouldn't be too hard to animate. I see myself doing a project like this in the future. The transformations on the gun don't seem too hard but then again they probably are for somebody who is new to after effects and working with animation. If you want to check out the other animations by Pier Polo, click here.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


For this weeks blog post I found a creative and fun animation on Motionspire. The animation is called Cinematics and it feature many clean illustrations of many great movies. The reason I wanted to post this animation is because of the amount of creative animations and unexpected things that occur. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Twin Peaks Title Sequence

For this weeks blog post I decided to post an interesting illustrative title sequence that I found on Motionspire. The design is interesting it uses many different forms and interesting transitions. It has a Saul Bass kind of feel to it and I really enjoyed watching it.